Intense teamwork in central Gothenburg

We create exciting challenges where you work together as a team to solve problems in creative ways. We are located close to Domkyrkan in central Gothenburg.

The Bank Heist

2 - 6 players 60 min time limit

Primakov's Bunker

3 - 6 players 60 min time limit

What is this?

Quite similar to a computer game or a thriller movie, but for real and you are playing the lead. This is how it works with us:

2 - 6 people 60 minutes 40 - 60%

In the middle of the night, you will find yourself in the lobby of an old bank. You have no other equipment than torches, somehow you need to make your way to the vault and steal the diamond, before the nightly security guard walks his round.
The Bank Heist is a great challenge to people playing their first Escape Game. It starts off fairly easy, but gets really tricky towards the end.

Primakov's Bunker

60 min 55%

A dirty bomb goes off in 60 minutes, your team has to get in through the ventilation room, into the bunker and stop the count-down. Starts off really hard and then opens up to a parallel game. Played in a cold-war era setting.