The Bank Heist

2 - 6 people 60 min 40-60%

A thrilling challenge available in two difficulties. You will start in the middle of an old bank, equipped only with torches and brainpower you shall try to find your way into the bank vault and steal the diamond.

The Challenge

The Bank Heist is our most popular challenge. There are two difficulty levels, A is somewhat easier with a success rate of about 60%, whereas B is harder with a success rate of 40%. After a soft start, the task gets trickier the further you get.


Bank Director von Polstierna keeps the valuable diamond Aurora Scandinavia in his locked and larmed bank vault. Your mission is to sneak in during the middle of the night and steal the diamond. The nightly security guard makes his round in 60 minutes, why you will have to hurry..

Things to be aware of

The Bank Heist is played in the dark with torches, players sensitive to darkness shall consider playing Primakov's Bunker instead. The Bank Heist A is slightly larger and suits players with impaired movement better.


Normal clothes
Dark, with flashlights