The InfiniCorp Laboratory

4 - 10 people - 5%


The challenge

The InfiniCorp Laboratory is our hardest challenge so far, it is highly parallel and very few teams manage to complete all five end objectives.


The InfiniCorp corporation conducts some sort of muscle-related research, or so they claim at least. After a series of incidents at their facility, rumours of unethical experiments have surfaced. You have been asked by a team of journalists to sneak in to the laboratory over the weekend and collect five pieces of evidence of what's been going on:

  • Financial documents proving who is financing the experiments
  • Video evidence showing the managing director and another person directly involved in experiments
  • A spectrometry report of the tested substance
  • A sample of the substance used
  • Records from the research database

Keep this in mind

This challenge is built for engineers in larger teams. This is not a horror game, but we have had people aborting the game due to the graphical nature of the decorations.

Quick facts

Clinical, involves blood and human organs

Photos from inside the challenge